1. n. Stool-type coconut grater (the word is said to have been introduced into Rarotonga along with the implement from the Northern Group.

E ‘apai mai koe i te kana ‘ei kana i tā mātou ‘akari ‘ei ma‘ani poke.
Bring the grater to grate up the coconut for the pudding.

2. v.t. (-‘ia). Grate with a kana.

E tari mai koe kia ma‘ata te ‘akari kia kana ‘a mea mā.
Bring as many coconuts as you can for this lot to grate;

Kua kanā‘ia te ‘akari e Tere ‘ei ma‘ani tai.
Tere grated up the coconuts to make coconut sauce. ‘Akari kana, grated coconut.

Tēia te ‘akari kana ‘ei ‘āngai i te moa.
Here is the grated coconut to feed the chickens. [Pn. *kana1.]

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