2, loc.pron. Over there, yonder.

Tei kō ‘aia i te ‘are ‘āpi‘i.
He is over there at the school;

Kua ‘apai au i te kā‘ui ‘ara ki kō i te ‘are ‘āpi‘i.
I took the bunch of pineapples over there to the school;

Mei kō mai au i te ‘are toa.
I’ve come from over there at the store;

Nō kō iā Mere mā tā mātou i‘i.
We got our chestnuts from Mere and the others over there;

Tei kō atu te va‘arua tī tā.
The rubbish pit is further on from there;

I nā kō ana ‘aia.
He had passed through there. Nā kō, in this (or that) manner.

Kia oti ‘aia i te tuatua, kua nā kō mai te rētita kiāia.
When he had had his say, then the registrar said this to him. (See kōkō2; cf. kona3, konei.) [Pn. *koo4.]

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