mata‘iapo, n. 1. The firstborn, eldest child.

Ko tēia te mata‘iapo i tāku ‘ānau.
This is the eldest of my children;

tā rāua tamaiti mata‘iapo,
their eldest child.

2. A chiefly title and the chief who holds such title. The head of a sub-tribe, subject to the ariki (paramount chief) as far as the whole tribe is concerned and owing him traditional allegiance, but otherwise largely independent as head of his own family group and owning land in his own right. The title is commonly held by the eldest child, passing to the next eldest and thus down the line in that generation, passing eventually to the eldest son in the next generation, though the title is elective and unsuitable members may be passed over if the families think fit.

Kua ‘iki‘ia ‘aia e te kōpū tangata ki runga i te tā‘onga mata‘iapo.
The whole family elected him to the

mata‘iapo title; Kua ‘akatupu te ‘ui mata‘iapo ma te ‘ui ariki i tēta‘i ‘uipā-‘anga, ē kua pati i te au tū tangata kātoatoa kia tae mai ki taua ‘uipā‘anga. the mata‘iapo
and the

arranged a meeting and invited everyone to attend. Mata‘iapo kōmono, a

deputy. Mata‘iapo tūtara, the leading

who represents the others when dealing with the

[Ce. *mata-siapo.]