tāporoporo, (-a, -‘ia).

1. Treasure or save something up, look after it carefully, reserve for a special purpose.

Kua tāporoporo mārie ‘aia i taua monī ra ‘ei tūtaki iāia ki te teata.
He kept that money specially to pay for his visit to the cinema;

Nō te tuātau onge i tāporoporo‘ia ai tēia kai.
This food has been carefully hoarded against a time of famine;

Mei roto ia Tiūnu tōku tāporo-poro‘anga i tēia ‘apinga.
I’ve treasured this thing ever since June.

2. Exhort, try to persuade, give well-meant advice.

‘Ea‘a te kino mē ka tāporoporo au iāia kia no‘o mai?
What’s wrong with my trying to talk him into staying here?;

Kua tāporoporo‘ia ‘aia kia no‘o ki runga i tōna ‘enua.
He was urged to stay on his own land;

E ‘aere koe e tāporoporo iāia,pēnei ka marū mai tōna ngākau. Go and see if you can talk him round, maybe he‘ll relent.

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