tira3, (usually followed by ‘ua or rāi). All that there is, the last one(s), the end, the only (one(s)).

Tira rāi? Tira rāi.
Is that the lot? That’s the lot;

Tira rāi tōku manako.
That’s all I have to say;

Tira ‘ua tei toe mai.
That is all that’s left;

Ko tira ‘ua te ‘anga‘anga tei ‘akakite‘ia mai kia rave.
That’s all the work I was told to do, that’s the only job I was told to do;

Kua pou te kava, ko tira rāi tei ‘apai‘ia mai.
The beer is finished, that is all that was brought in.

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