‘ina1, (-‘ia, ‘inā‘ia), v.i. Silver grey (of hair).

Kua ‘ina te katu o taua tamaiti.
That child has grey hair;

Nō Pāpē te katu ‘ina.
Pāpē has grey hair;

Inā, kia ‘u‘uti au i te ‘ina i runga i tō katu.
Come, let me pull out the grey (hairs) on your head;

Ka ‘inā‘ia te katu ō‘ou mē kai koe i te ate o te tōtara.
Your hair will go grey if you eat the liver of the porcupine fish (said by adults to withhold this delicacy from the children).
(See ‘īnanga,(‘aka-)‘ina‘ina, ‘inapōiri, ‘inapōtea, kō‘ina‘ina.)
[Pn. *sina.]

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