tavare, v.i. Have something on one’s mind, (be) continually worried about something, obsessed.

‘Ea‘a tā‘au mea e tavare ‘uā ra?
What is it you’ve got on your mind?;

Nō te tavare ‘aere ā Pua i tōna māmā, nō reira rāua i ‘apai ei ki te teata.
Because Pua was going around worrying so much about her mother, they took her to the pictures;

Tē tavare ‘uā ra taua tamaiti itī ra i tōna pāpā.
The child can’t get his father out of his mind;

Nō tōna ‘inangaro ma‘ata ki te reira mea, nō reira ‘aia i tavare ‘ua ai.
Because she wanted it so much, she could think of nothing else.

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