tupe, v.t.

1. Pitch discs.

Tē tupē ra rātou.
They are playing disc-pitching.

2. n. Disc or quoit, esp. that used in the game of disc-pitching.

E tuki i tāna tupe ki te pae.
Knock his disc out of play (off the mat);

Tē tarai tupē ra rāua.
They are shaping discs. Tupe rau‘ara, a disc-shaped roll of dried pandanus leaves.

‘ī rua ēia tupe rau‘ara mama‘ata.
Here are two large rolls of pandanus leaves. Tupe varāoa

or tupe varaoa pakapaka, large round or square biscuit which may be broken into slabs.

Kā rava ‘ua au ‘ē rua tupe varāoa.
Two whole biscuits will be enough for me;

‘E varāoa pakapaka tupe mama‘ata tei pou mua i te ‘oko.
The large slab biscuits were sold out first.

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